What is the TFFA PAC?

The TFFA PAC is an organization that makes contributions to political campaigns in Texas on behalf of the Texas Food and Fuel Association and its members.  The TFFA PAC aims to protect the interests of the convenience retailing and fuel marketing industries in Texas. Although the TFFA cannot contribute to political campaigns directly, the TFFA PAC is uses as a tool to advocate for its members and supporters in legislative sessions at the capitol by supporting like minded and well respected candidates.

Contributions Needed

We ask that you consider making a contribution to the Texas Food & Fuel Association PAC and that you share the information we provide with your colleagues and friends. PAC contributions play an essential role to enhance access to business friendly candidates and their staff to compellingly present TFFA’s position on issues and to urge support of that position. PAC contributions open the door to allow that to happen.

Political Action Committees, or PAC’s, are very limited in what they can do. PAC’s can only take money from individuals and then that money can in turn be given to political candidates or causes. PAC’s are not allowed to take donations from corporations or LLC’s. Often, trade associations set up separate accounts that can spend corporate money to help administer the PAC. This includes things like paying for golf tournaments, dinner fundraiser expenses, additional staff, or a wide range of costs that PAC’s incur in the pursuit of helping political campaigns.


If you wish to contribute today, simply press the red donate button to your right or the menu tab and follow the prompts. Thanks for supporting the TFFA PAC and getting involved with a system of political support that will make a difference. Donate

181 Club

For TFFA we have setup the 181 Club to represent the 150 Texas House of Representative Districts plus the 31 Texas Senate Districts. You can donate corporate money to the TFFA 181 Club which in turn will boost the effectiveness, strength and capability of the TFFA Political Action Committee.